Andrew McFarlane was a former Alchemist for Gabriel Alchemilia. He is the ex-husband of Lillian McFarlane and the creator of Chris McFarlane from The Demon's Light.


Although Andrew is in his 20's, he is in fact only 5 feet 4 inches tall. His skin is peach, while his eyes are bright blue. He has brown hair, which he wears puffed out, like a mad scientist. Andrew's typical attire consists of a red undershirt, button-down white plaid shirt, blue jeans jacket, red denim vest, and dark jeans. After betraying Gabriel in Season 5, Andrew reveals that Lillian broke up with him. The break-up and betrayal start to take their toll on him. His hair becomes gray and begins falling out, while he replaces his outfit with a completely black version. On his new jacket, a skull and crossbones are displayed.