Gabriel is a forty year old Immortalist from the continent of Nuyö. He works as a scientist and runs the group known as the Alchemists.


Gabriel, though forty years old, only appears to be in his early twenties. His hair is white, as well as rather short and abnormally soft. It compliments his angular face, which is pale and decorated with bright green eyes that seem to watch like a hawk. Under his right eye is a small scar, horizontally placed. His lips are often decorated with the colour green, a style that only he seems to find "cool."

He wears a pale green V-neck sweater over a white dress shirt most often, along with black slacks. Sometimes he wears a black suit jacket over his sweater, though not all the time. On one of his hands, he has the alchemy symbol for hematite branded.


When Gabriel was around seventeen, he and his older brother Luther had been rebelling from their parents as usual. Through some strange circumstance which is a tightly kept secret, Luther had died and Gabriel had become an Immortalist. Gabriel had, not long after, entered a relationship with Luther's girlfriend Galena. In his later years, he would name his daughter after this Galena. Though Gabriel was much younger than Galena, they were madly in love to the point Gabriel would give her his secret to immortality, turning her into an Immortalist as well. This would, somehow, end up resulting in both the mysterious disappearance of Galena as well as the formation of the Alchemists.