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Raphael Williams is a human researcher of parapsychology. He is superstitious yet eager to uncover the truths behind the paranormal, especially psychics. In Season 1 of Alchemical Blood, he becomes a member of Gabriel's Alchemists. Despite his growing impatience to discover the secrets he desires, his contributions generally benefit the entire team.


Raphael is a lean, white male in his twenties with blue eyes and blond hair. He stands at 6 feet tall and commonly wears a white button-up, black pants, and dark shoes. In addition, he dons a dark blue vest with a black blazer worn over it, while also sporting a matching tie for his vest.

Kept inside his blazer pocket is Raphael's prized pocketwatch. The watch and its chain are made of silver, and engraved on the inside of the lid are the words "KEEP WATCH OF TIME".

Occasionally for bad weather, Raphael trades his blazer for a long, black overcoat with a hood, but most of the time he forgets to do so.


Unsurprising for a person of his profession, Raphael is considered by most to be somewhat eccentric. He isolates himself even from friends and family, earning a reputation of being very odd by their standards. A good portion of his daily routine is rushed, as he tries to dedicate most of his time on his work in paranormal studies. His enthusiasm for discovery is impressive for one in such a controversial field of study.

With an overwhelming need for progress, Raphael is very impatient most of the time. A common habit of his is flipping his pocketwatch open and close during periods that he must wait. People working with him may find this behavior aggravating, but he doesn't usually take any notice. Still, the wide knowledge Raphael has about the world of parapsychology can be helpful when it comes to studying beings and items with wide variety of powers. As of recent, he has switched focus from studying humans with powers to looking for artifacts related to an ancient text about a strange creature he discovered.

As for preparation, Raphael sets aside time to get fit, as he has had his fair share of exploring ruins and other places that require decent stamina. He's not particularly finicky about his clothes, but decides to dress well to make a fair enough impression with the people he comes across.


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  • He has an unhealthy obsession with the supernatural.
  • He is one of the main characters of Season 1.